Around the Web – My Backwards Brain

Here are the articles I wanted to include in my last post My Backwards Brain but, it was getting insanely LONG.  So I thought I would separate it to its own page.

From this blog:

My Time, Your Time, and The Vault
I Can’t vs. I Won’t
What it Can Feel Like With Asperger’s
The Traveler in the Dark

From around the web:

Asperger’s, Meltdowns, and the Feel-Good Neurotransmitter – Mendability

These sensory processing issues can increase anxiety levels for the individual. If a person is not completely confident that they understand what is going on around them, their brain will stay alert to possible threats. Furthermore, this anxiety is felt more intensely due to a lack of serotonin available to manage the stress. Consequently, a child with Asperger’s syndrome is often trapped in a vicious cycle of stress. Unfortunately, the anxiety of a person with Asperger’s is shown to gradually increase with age.

Breaking Down a Melt Down – Aspie Warrior

People with Aspergers have very intense emotions. We just struggle to get those emotions out. So when we become overwhelmed with any emotion; love, hate, anger, it builds inside like a tea kettle. We try to articulate those feeling and we can’t. Then frustration builds and the steam needs to escape. Ok a tea kettle is a bad example, think pressure cooker instead.

Theory finds that individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome don’t lack empathy – in fact if anything they empathize too much – Seventh Voice

“I can walk into a room and feel what everyone is feeling,” Kamila Markram says. “The problem is that it all comes in faster than I can process it. There are those who say autistic people don’t feel enough. We’re saying exactly the opposite: They feel too much.”

Emotional Regulation and Asperger’s – A Quiet Week in the House

Each day unfolds in song and dips in and out of despair and exhaustion.

The Numbing Point – Everyday Asperger’s, Samantha Craft

I cannot untie myself from this pain; I am no escape artist.
I am but a trepid flame doused with fuel after fuel, in all forms, to arouse the dragon-centered-heart.
I am opened and set apart and made to bleed out, continually abandoned.
Help is nowhere and everywhere; and that is where the terror sets spindly claw in motion.
Straight out, in the thought that nowhere in the thought is a resolution.
In the thought that each inching perceived as somehow forward is indeed illusion of progress.
That in fact, I am no further now than before, only set upon differing landscape, created by yet another skewed view.

Bipolar or Asperger’s – Everyday Asperger’s, Samantha Craft

My moods are determined by my environment and my ability to function in said environment. They are affected by people around me, foods, interactions, the list of things I think I must do for the day, and my inability to cope with the overwhelming amount of information I process. My moods are triggered by endless thoughts that leave me immobile and perplexed by almost anything in my world. Everything is complicated, and in this complication I either become motivated to solve or motivated to hide.

There are always triggers. For instance, I know in talking to a particular relative my sense of esteem and self-worth might be triggered, and as a result I might quickly spiral into a place that resembles depression, but my state is actually more of a withdrawal from others until my wounds are healed.

There are times I can control my emotions and avoid a certain mood, (hyper-creative or despondent), with self-talk, intervention from friends, and by employing a very strong will. But I have to have energy to do this.

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